PREMIERE: Aistè – Where You’re Going Today

Rising independent pop powerhouse Aistè’s sound inhabits all elements of her culture growing up. She blends her Baltic coolness from her youth in Lithuania, the Scandi Pop melodies that come from her time in Norway and the flair of East London’s thriving music scene, where she currently resides, to create a seamless sound that oozes heartfelt passion and emotive storytelling. Her magnetic talent sits her somewhere between the world’s of the mystically enchanting Kate Bush and the suave elegance of Lana Del Rey with her ability to weave an evocative tale simply unrivalled.

Her creativity held no bounds, at least that’s what she though up until she received stay at home orders in her hometown in Lithuania. At first she felt trapped, unable to do the things she had originally planned but she soon started to reconnect with her childhood self, diving into her own nostalgia and the introspective thoughts that came with it. Free from the chaotic energy and madness that came from her daily routine in London she soon had a creative realisation that lead to her producing a soul-stirring piece that translated into pure freedom.

Where You’re Going Today is born from the capitalistic world we live in where we go to a 9 to 5, feel our soul slowly crush under the office lights and look forward to those days where we’re able to be free. She yearns for something larger through the painfully enthralling lyrics that want her to break free from the restraints to connect with pure uncontaminated freedom once again that her childhood self experienced throughout. It’s a transformative piece that will make you yearn for your adolescence and strive to connect with that self once again.

“Change is inevitable, this much we’ve learned in 2020,” says Aistè about her journey with her new music. “We’ll change homes, countries, partners, ourselves in the pursuit to achieve our dreams and thus fulfilment. When all is said and done, after all these transformations, do we still remember the person who dreamed those very dreams? Is he, is she still around?”