Maro – Take It Back


As we grow older we often find ourselves reminiscing back to simpler times in our life where our main focus was to have fun and live every minute like it was our last, the sweet blissful joys of adolescence. We find ourselves going back through old high school yearbooks and fondly remembering the people from your part who were such a large part of your life it seems mind boggling to now know them as just a faint memory. This concept is what propels the Lebanese musician Maro’s latest single about how those people made you feel all those years ago and how you feel about it all these years later forward.

It’s a fresh addition to his repertoire as his authentic lyricisms in Take It Back paint a picture of this whirlwind romance. We start at the end of the relationship, “And now it’s always fighting on the phone / We killed the vibe,” before he dives head first into his nostalgia with rose tinted glasses as he goes through the euphoria filled highs of young love as the serene indie pop production gives us that butterflies in our stomach feeling all over again. That’s the thing about Maro’s sound though, it’s real. You don’t for one second doubt what he sings, every lyrics feels raw to us which makes the message hit all the more hard.

At just 19 years of age Maro has been the catalyst for his own stellar pop career, slowly building an audience that is insanely loyal and dedicated to his craft. As he states, ”I want to have something that fans hear and immediately know, this is Maro…The music is raw and emotional, and I just want people to find it real.”

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