Softcult – Another Bish


Misogyny has always been prevalent in the alternative rock world, the best example of this is Reading and Leeds festival in the UK consistently picking line ups that contain seldom all female/female fronted acts. Softcult’s debut single is their own comeback for the sexism they experienced during their formative years, it’s their own personal middle finger to everyone who doubted them and told them what to do, this is them saying we’re doing it our way and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not clean cut pop, it’s full unadulterated raw passion that compels you to listen to more.

Another Bish is washed over in this 90’s nostalgia, the hazy production melts into the jangled guitars as the expressive vocals pierce through it all allowing the emphatic lyricisms to make their mark on all who listen. They don’t pull any punches, no they make you feel the full force of what their music has to offer with one mighty blow after another until the bell rings and you’re ready to head into round 2. They may call themselves ‘music for mall goths’ but there’s something for everyone in their sound.

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