Nadedja – Unfold

By definition we’re all transient, we all last for a short period of time but you can either look at it through a negative lens or a positive one. Yes, we’re all impermanent but it’s because we’re all consistently evolving, living an ephemeral life where we start off as one person and over time develop into someone many wouldn’t even recognise, growing and becoming a better version of what we were once known for. This concept is what fuelled the Brazilian born but now UK based songstress Nadedja in accepting all the different parts of herself through her poetic songwriting in Unfold.

Whilst her previous single was a more folk driven piece Unfold sees her take a brand new direction that allows her ethereal vocal to take flight through a myriad of evanescent synths that pass by like a fleeting memory and soft beats reminiscent of Jessie Ware. The emotion comes at you like wave, slowly building and growing over time before crashing down upon you as the mesmerising lyrics wash around you in a whirlpool of shifting thoughts that leaves you thinking about the message the honest lyrics reflect upon long after the song finishes playing.

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