– tmb

Fitting somewhere between the alternative R&B soundscape, anti-pop rebellion and the hyper pop phenomenon, the Phoenix, Arizona artist and producer has been making waves this year through his expressive sonic identity. Making all his music in his bedroom the artist has grown a large following through his candid storytelling where he lets his emotion pour out into the music in ways that are indescribable and when you fuse that with his evocative production that elevates the passion to new heights you soon find yourself being drawn into a new world that is his sonic universe.

tmb is the artist’s first proper release that demonstrates his talents to perfection as the piece goes from a blissful soundscape of alluring melodies with glistening synths dotted around to an explosively bombastic piece of vibrant electronic flourishes and distorted vocals that left me begging for more in an instant. Throughout you can feel this frenzied passion he injects into his music, whether it be through his expressive lyricisms, bold production styling or his ability to craft addictive hooks, he knows what he’s doing and it’s no wonder why he’s developed such a large and loyal following this year. ยท tmb

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