Maella – Downtown

Prague born, London based musician Maella is a big fan of cinema and TV, so much so that when writing her songs she often envisions them playing in a certain scene resulting in some rather fascinating pieces of alternative pop. Her previous single was the lush track titled Melting Butter that focuses on the moment you were wasting time falling for a bad boy, so this track could definitely fit into most episodes of Riverdale, and now today she’s continuing to inject her own fresh style into the pop soundscape with Downtown.

The piece focuses on the nerves and uncertainty that come with a newfound attraction to someone and all the giddiness that comes along with it. Through the earnest storytelling and feel-good production we get to relive and reminisce over these feelings ourself, the butterflies in our stomach when we talk to them, the casual glances you have at them when you think no ones looking and getting weak at the knees when you’re in their presence. This is a rapturous piece of pop that will put a smile on your face instantaneously and deserves to soundtrack a future rom-com.

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