Laurel Smith – Game Over


Born and raised in North London the multi-talented 18 year old musician Laurel Smith is no stranger to the music world having composed a plethora of songs during her adolescence having been inspired by current icons like Charli XCX and Lana Del Rey. However what astounds me the most about her sound is her ability to channel different personas into her music, each song comes from the same sonic universe but each time you hear Smith sing you feel like you’re getting told a new story from a new persons perspective every time. It’s this ingenious method that has allowed her multifaceted music to have such an impact on the scene and get her to be one of the hottest prospects in London right now.

Game Over is her latest release that’s based upon a vicious cycle where you attempt to break free but find yourself right back where you started every time. Using video games as an analogy was a stroke of genius on her part as the lyricisms become all the more relatable, allowing more people to identify with her own feelings and make an impact that lasts long after the music has finished playing. The production is hypnotic with the brooding pop synths complimenting the distorted nature of the vocals and subtle R&B flair that raises this track to the next level and has me wondering what Laurel Smith is capable of doing next because she has got something rather special.

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