RUSSELL! – Scarlett’s Weekend

Proudly hailing from Brampton, a tiny Ontario suburb just out of Toronto, RUSSELL! was already experimenting with music as a teenager but it was a chance encounter with a talented songwriter that lead this artist, who was raised on a diet of classic pop tunes from the radio, decide that this was what he wanted to pursue. He began dropping dynamite raps on YouTube and MySpace under the name D-Pryde and grew a loyal audience, he even got a record deal, but once creative differences came into play he parted ways with the label in the search of his voice once more. Now he’s found his voice, refined his craft and become the artist he creatively wanted to be.

Scarlett’s Weekend is a gorgeous affair that highlights the lusciously smooth and enticing tone of his vocal that is reminiscent of The Weeknd during his early years. The minimalistic production comprised of a somber guitar melody allows him to weave a tale together that intertwines with his emotive vocal about a romantic rendezvous he has with a girl for one weekend, their time together was short but it was a weekend neither would ever forget. This is some damn fire R&B that cements RUSSELL! as one to watch in 2021.

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