21 year old German-American song pop musician¬†BAYEM started 2020 off in glorious fashion with his track Pressure being one of my favourite releases of the year as he elegantly fused the nostalgia of classic pop melodies with a modern contemporary twist. He’s the perfect combination of old and new with his melodic sound mixing beautifully with the elegant nature his voice possesses as well as the earnest performance he often gives that brings his lyrics to life before your very eyes. He’s a thrilling new artist who’s thriving in the world we currently reside in as he shows us in his latest release.

THRILL continues where Pressure left off by building upon his wistful sound as his melodic vocal gently pulls you into his sonic universe before the mesmerising production takes a hold of you and makes you never want to leave. The emotive lyrics contrast the rather buoyant production gorgeously as the waves of nostalgia begin to wash over you through his 80’s influenced sound. This is just the beginning of BAYEM and I have no doubt this won’t be the last time you see him on this site.

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