Sam Ezeh – Crisis

Swedish musician Sam Ezeh only has one song under his belt right now but he’s already looking like a talent to keep a close eye on. The 20 year old is already known in his local scene for experimenting with different soundscapes ranging from legendary musicians like Prince, contemporary icons like Childish Gambino and going all the way down to classic 70s psychedelic soul. No genre is off limits within this blossoming talent with his uniquely encompassing soundscape as he shows us today within this profound debut track Crisis.

The production balances a 90’s R&B sensibility with the calming melodies and slick synth beats with a modern almost Tame Impala-esque psychedelic twist that transports you into a blissful state as the timbre of his vocal gently lulls you into his sonic universe. The poignant lyrics focus on trying to escape our problems by running away from them whilst the track simultaneously takes you on a journey where the expressive lyricisms detail the inner turmoil we face during this time before eventually coming to our senses and turning back to face them head on.

He might only have one track in his discography right now but give it time and this young musicians looks like he’ll have a plethora of tracks that will have us continuously coming back for more. Dive into his sound below.

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