Ben Kessler – False Art ft. Lizzy McAlpine

Since his debut back in 2019 Ben Kessler has made a name for himself in creating intimate pieces of emotive alternative pop with an R&B flair that has seen him soundtrack many break ups and late night crying sessions. His soft-hearted vocal allows his introspective lyrics to carry a large amount of emotional weight that hits you like the final blow in a prize winning fight whilst his tender production makes it feel like Kessler is performing in your living room and pouring his heart out to you.

Today he’s unveiled False Art, a collaboration with Lizzy McAlpine about putting on an act in front of everyone to hide how your once picture perfect relationship has begun to break beneath the surface. The two vocals interweave with one another as they individually portray different sides to this untimely demise whilst being backed by somber electronics and minimal beats that make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a couples tête-à-tête.

“‘False Art’ is about the kind of relationships where you put up a facade to cover up how bad the relationship truly is,” Kessler begins to explain. “I made this track with Lizzy McAlpine who has an incredibly engaged fanbase that has yet to hear her sing on a pop-leaning track like ‘False Art’. Sonically, this song is more adventurous than my other releases––I am combining my favorite pop elements with my indie electronic influences which range from the likes of SG Lewis to BAYNK.”

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