Ed Nash – Think You Feel The Same

Ed Nash has always had this intrinsic ability to craft lyrically spellbinding pieces of music, whether it be the legendary indie band Bombay Bicycle Club or his other project Toothless, he makes music that is human at it’s very core and that’s why people have a deep-rooted connection with his music. He’s always worn his heart on his sleeve and been an open book but today he ventures further into himself to create profound pieces of musical brilliance with his debut solo release under his own name.

Think You Feel The Same feels like a campfire song with the tender guitar melodies having a magical quality to them when mixed with the intimate minimalistic production and spaced out vocal harmonies revealing the sentimental lyricisms. You feel the whole spectrum of human emotion when listening to this piece of music, the jubilance, the distraught, the confusion, you go through it all and it’s because Nash’s music is unequivocally human, it’s not perfect but there’s something so beautiful about it that you can’t help but lose yourself in its majesty.

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