Colby Lafayette – BUMPIN 16’S

No one in the industry is producing music like Colby Lafayette right now with his dynamic and expressive soundscape feeling like a fusion of the gritty raw nature of grunge artists like Nirvana mixed with modern hip hop trailblazers like the lyrically impactful Childish Gambino. He’s the embodiment of the anti-pop movement, he goes against the grain within his music through graphic lyricisms, his authentic vocal and unquestionably innovative sonic styling that both showcases a rebellious nature and evocative passion.

Today he comes out with his first single on the Dreams Never Die label titled BUMPIN 16’S and damn did he go hard in this one. Characterised with a thumping bass beat that reverberates through your body, lyrics channelling his own adolescence giving us a vivid retelling of his high school days and a slick vocal that has a magnetism to it that makes me never want to stop listening. Colby Lafayette is one of the hottest rising prospects right now and it’s clear this is just the beginning of this rising star.

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