Luna Shadows – malibu bb

We feature Luna Shadows consistently on this site because every single track she releases leaves us utterly breathless every single time. She creates music that links back to modern day issues we all go through be it experiences involving love in god.drugs.u or anxious tendencies in The Nineties, each track has something in it that the vast majority of people can relate to. It’s exactly this reason as to why she’s developed such a loyal fanbase and it’s no different today with the release of malibu bb.

I hardly ever speak about myself with much confidence in my lyrics which tend to focus on others or lean self-critical,” Luna Shadows begins to explain. “That day that I wrote this song though, I felt a rare breeze of confidence float through. My aim was to write something complimentary – a sonic end-of-movie moment equivalent, something unquestionably affirming and uplifting. But as I began to write, the best that I could do was compare myself to a majestic but littered beach, with free parking but pollution issues, and nice houses that occasionally burn down.

As Shadows’ says, this is the type of track that would play just before the credits would roll in any coming of age movie with the enigmatic electronic beats mixed with the scintillating synth melodies creating this majestic yet murky atmosphere before her vocals come piercing through like a ray of sunlight that makes this whole piece feel so heavenly. I am never disappointed by this musician and she’s hit it out of the park once again.

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