Hojean – Pick Up Your Phone

I never thought I’d be featuring a song that was inspired by the sounds featured in the 90’s classic Men in Black but here we are. Honestly though at this point I’m fairly certain Hojean could write a song inspired by the paint on my walls drying and it would be a stellar affair that I would buy in a heartbeat, he’s just that good of a songwriter. His previous track Hookup Culture has been on repeat for me for months now and I’m fairly certain his latest will be too.

Pick Up Your Phone pays homage to the funky guitar riffs and buoyant beats that defined a musical generation in the 90’s whilst simultaneously telling the story of how overly excited we all get when we discover something that is, to us, out of this world. Whilst the track is ladened with nostalgia it still maintains a modern day sensibility through the alluring melodies and compelling vocals that, especially during the chorus, are reminiscent of Portugal The Man. If you’re looking for a vintage track that’s oozing cool vibes then dive into this one right now, it’s more than worth it.

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