For Those I Love – I Have A Love


It’s rare that a song grabs me in such a way that For Those I Love’s debut single has. You see there’s been an ongoing theme in 2020 where a lot of new artists coming out have started this poetry reading style of music with a compelling instrumental backing them to help these lyrics hit harder but a lot of them have missed the mark for me. This debut absolutely blows all those expectations out of the water with everything this new Irish artist has crafted being absolutely beautiful.

“The art is all we ever had. The books, the tunes, the films,” He says about the single. “Since we were kids it was the foundation of our love. It was the path towards hope. Ya grow older and feel as cold as ya did when you were hiding from the brutality of the world. And the only peace you find is in the songs you make with your mates. When it happened, and life froze over, the only way out was through the songs. How else can I show my love, how else can I remember what we had and what we made, but through the art itself. I have a love, And it never fades, And neither will you, Paul.

You need to listen to I Have A Love with no distractions, turn the lights off, pull your curtains shut and close your eyes, let the music take you somewhere completely new with For Those I Love’s voice being your narrator. This is the definition of innovative, it’s exciting, it’s unique and it’s one of the best debuts of 2020 by an absolute country mile and I think this is only a small portion of what this artist has to offer us. Utterly spellbinding.

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