Emily Jackson – No Fools Here

New York City based musician Emily Jackson has become quite a big name in the city that never sleeps with her consistently selling out shows before lockdown with her indie rock sound that’s been infused with modern day pop melodies and a sense of drama that would have a lot of broadway performers jealous. Her music sits somewhere in-between Florence + The Machine and HAIM with her compelling over the top vocals melting perfectly in her addictive indie rock melodies.

Her latest single is titled No Fools Here which Jackson says is, “about my love/hate relationship with Instagram. I wanted to express the feeling of the self-loathing and competition I felt when I scroll through sanitised versions of everyone’s seemingly perfect lives. And even though I know it’s not reality, I allow myself to buy into the fantasy, exacerbating all my feelings of inadequacy.” 

Through this track you can fully understand why she’s got so many sold out shows because this is a stadium anthem, it has a sense of grandeur surrounding it that makes you gravitate to it and I can only imagine the intensity and brilliance this would offer when performed live. Strong melodies, an impactful production and a vocal prowess that is utterly enthralling, stellar stuff from Jackson here.

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