Carly Rose – Wild ft. Goody Grace


Carly Rose stepped into the spotlight at the young age of 13 before decking to take a break from the industry to hone her musical talents and expand her sonic soundscape, she reemerged early last year with a refreshing and fully formed sound that set the blogosphere alight and made her fans across the globe giddy with excitement. Since then she’s been coming out with some utterly outstanding tracks with her previous single Twentyone being one of her best yet and she looks to be continuing this hot run of form with her collaboration with Goody Grace titled Wild.

The soundscape for this track can best be described as Lana Del Rey meets Orville Peck with the production combining these classic country western tones with a modern jazz atmosphere all wrapped up with a strong pop melodies. The two artist’s vocals melt into brooding guitar riffs gorgeously whilst simultaneously evoking high levels of emotion through their dynamic nature as well as the poetic storytelling of the lyrics that have a timeless feel to them.

This is just a sublime track that is continually showcasing how extremely talent Carly Rose is. With every track she comes out with I continually find myself in awe of her talent so I highly recommend you dive into her discography and fall head over heels for her as well.

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