The Ensemble #14

Ephraim Bugumba – Stormz

I hadn’t heard much about Ephraim Bugumba til I heard Stormz but after one listen I found myself becoming an instant fan of his music. His distinct soundscape fuses classic soul elements with African rhythms and traditional storytelling methods that come together in a mesmerising way as he discusses his place in the world. If you haven’t heard of him before then be sure to listen to his Class Clown after this as it’s just as good and expands his sonic universe even further.

KiNG MALA – Sugarblind

I love it when artists manage to fuse different sounds together in such a way that you begin to question if there is anything out there that is like this sound and I got that feeling with KiNG MALA’s latest offering. The alternative artist sound just draws you in with the enticing melodies that hold this magnetic quality, brooding vocals delivering the honest lyrics and a pulsating percussion section that propels the track forward into new territory. Her discography is very much the same but Sugarblind looks like it could be this artists break out single.

Singular Balance – Think of Me

Electronically enhanced vocals have been becoming a trend as of late with the hyper pop genre being one of the main causes of this but I’ve never seen this done so elegantly with a sparse production as Singular Balance has in his track Think of Me. The minimalistic production comprised of spaced out synth melodies lends itself well to the warped vocals that creates this send of raw human emotion despite sounding quite digital. He often describes his sound as a ‘sonic dream’ and honestly I can fully understand what, dive into his discography to experience this dream like state for yourself.

Oliver Grey – What’s The Point (Of Trying)

Cuban American singer, songwriter, producer and overall music genius Oliver Grey released his debut album earlier this year that completely went under our radar. The whole project showed a lot of promise with brooding melodies, darkly tone beats and an R&B sensibility that was way beyond someone of his years but his latest track What’s The Point (Of Trying) raises the bar even further. Going for a more warm inviting sound this time around whilst still staying true to what made his debut album so good the track is a tropical dream that makes all your worries simply melt away. Strong stuff from this ever growing artist.

BELARO – Forever

This is just pop at it’s finest. The Spanish American artist BELARO breathes new life into the modern infectious pop sound with disco influences that are reminiscent of Donna Summer mixed with the classic hooks that would make Kylie Minogue jealous. She’s unapologetic in her delivery as her emphatic vocals belt out the lyrics discussing ending a toxic relationship with the additive production only added to it making this a break up anthem to remember. This is just a good pop track that I can see people belting out in their bedroom or cars for many weeks to come.

ARTBOYP – Harmful

Emotional rap has been on the rises as of late with a lot of new artists coming out with emotive pieces of hip hop music that has become the basis of their sound and ARTBOYP is a prime example of this. The 22 year old Texas based musician fuses authentic storytelling with his evocative lyricisms and passionate delivery to create a soundscape that is uniquely his own. Harmful is his most personal track yet with poetic lyrics that punch hard and just real emotion that makes you feel an instant connection his sound. Some strong stuff coming out from this artist.

Mysie – Bones

This is not Myse’s first time on this site with her music often leaving me quite mesmerised and today’s track is no different. Bones is another tender piece that allows her vocal to take centre stage and leave me utterly spellbound by the beauty they consistently deliver without fail. Her creative brand of artistic pop has been winning fans across the whole globe and the more music she release the more she continues to amaze me, be sure to dive into her discography because you won’t be disappointed why what she has to offer.

Dylan Kidd – Maybe Something

There’s no real way to describe Dylan Kidd’s soundscape other than quite captivating as he manages to fuse rustic guitar riffs with ambient synth melodies in a swirling euphonic way that makes the soundscape send you to a whole new world unlike any other. Actually that’s it, his sound is other worldly, you close your eyes and you’re put into a state of pure bliss where nothing in this world matters and only the lush melodies that this track has to offer are what matters.

Drea Réal – Evergreen

Last but certainly not least today is Drea Réal who’s latest neo soul offering has me thinking of Jhene Aiko mixed with a bit of early 00’s R&B flair with the nostalgia infused production. Evergreen is also an ode to celestial love with the lusciously smooth vocals of Réal shining throughout the track in glorious fashion as the intimate production provides the perfect backing for her in a stellar fashion. Overall it’s an alluring piece that will draw you in and make you never want to let go, stunning stuff.

Must Read

New West – Those Eyes

Brenn! – 4Runner

Braden Ross – sun

LANY – Thick and Thin

Stevie Howie – nameless

Tatianna Maenza – Call Me

Monét Ngo – West Side Story