Yoonha Verse – Next One

There’s been an influx of musicians as of late coming out with tracks that are this unique fusion of alternative pop and modern R&B to create a sound that is been dubbed rhythmic pop. The perfect example of this genre is Yoonha Verse who’s music is like a fusion of Billie Eilish’s production style and Tinashe’s sultry vocal melodies, there’s even some subtle house influences shown through the enigmatic beats of the piece that are rather lush.

Her latest track is titled Next One and it’s an empowering female boss anthem that is aimed directly at her exes who took her for granted and are now attempting to reconnect. Her fiery vocal bats off these guys one by one as if they were flies as she proudly proclaims, “You will never find nobody like me / Onto the next one / You can look but you know deep down I was the best one.” As you listen to this piece you just feel unstoppable, like no one can take you down and that you’re a true champion. Dive into the track below.

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