Magdalena Bay – Live 4ever


There are some facts of life that everyone should know, the earth revolves around the sun, Elephants are the only animal that can’t jump and Magdalena Bay produced nothing but absolute bops, genuinely this duo have never produced a bad song and the more they release the more I’m questioning whether they actually can. With previous singles like Venice being a chilled out summer anthem, How To Get Physical as a socially awkward dance anthem for all to enjoy and today they’ve come out with the ambient hyper pop track Live 4ever.

The production is everything I love about their sound with the glistening synths having this nostalgic feel to them with the somber yet celestial tones of the vocals sending chills down my spine in an instant. The lyrics however are the highlight of the whole piece for me with, “The venom in my blood is burning up and I might / Crash into the reflections of the stars in your eyes,” being one of my favourite lyrics of the year. Then we get the grand finale that is a cacophony of explosive synths that is the perfect send off for this mesmerising single. Dive into this track and then their discography, you won’t regret it.

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