Kyns – Lost

There are rare moments where I listen to a track for the first time and I find myself losing myself in the music. I just freeze and the music takes me away to a whole new world where I feel like I’m floating through the sky and just go into a state of pure bliss as the euphonic tones of the music begin to take me away from the world and all my worries just melt away. I rarely experience it but as I began listening to Kyns debut single Lost.

From the first note of the track her celestial vocal takes you by the hand as the emotionally compelling production pulls you in closer and the poetic lyrics leave you in a trance like state being utterly enthralled by the track. The track came from a dark place after Kyns’ lost her grandmother but she’s managed to create something that represents the stages of grief beautifully. The pain, the confusion, the questions we ask ourselves, all of it is there in swirling case of emotion that will leave you reaching for the tissues.

Genuinely beautiful stuff from this artist who we’re excited to see grow and become something special. Keep an eye on this talent!

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