Nobody Nobody – SAD! ft. plainfacedgirl

I love listening to new musicians, it’s why I listen to hundreds of new tracks on a daily basis and after one listen to the debut of the newly formed LA based duo Nobody Nobody I knew it was something special. Comprised of Austin Corona and Wyatt Bernard the dynamic duo are no strangers to this industry with Corona performing under the name Lilacs. for many years now and Bernard working behind the scenes to create some stellar tracks over the years. Now they come together as one with their debut track SAD! featuring the young queen of the Chicago suburbs plainfacedgirl.

With a slick production comprised of thumping bass lines with an undeniable groove to them that’s hard to not bob your head along to, addictive synth beats that build upon that groove further and a distorted vocal with a slight lo-fi feel that gives the whole track a raw edge that makes the lyrics feel all the more real. We already know these two worked well separately but together they take it up to a whole new level and plainfacedgirl being included in this track is just the cherry on top. Excited to see what this Nobody Nobody are going to produce in the future.

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