Ben Hazlewood – Revelry


If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Ben Hazlewood’s immaculate vocal out emotionally enthralling music than boy are you in for a treat today. We initially discovered Hazlewood’s music years ago with the release of his single Paint Me Black, it was a simply captivating number filled with poetic lyricisms, powerful vocals and emotional sensibility that was unmatched within his genre. Around a month ago he released his album Bloodline which expanded on his sonic universe further with some sensational tracks and now today he’s dropped the music video for the track Revelry.

“Revelry is defined as ‘lively and noisy festivities that especially involve drinking a large amount of alcohol,'” He begins to explain. “My life seemed to be one ongoing Revelry. Numbing the pain that I didn’t want to face. This song is about how much of a hold these moments had over me. A fraught retelling of the many failed attempts to escape these actions which I knew, inherently was self-destructive.”

The video expands on what the song is about further with it focusing on how different people use alcohol to numb the pain that reality often deals them. Poignant lyrics make an instant impact with their poetic nature and the impassioned performance of Hazlewood only enhances it further with the raw soulful blues production taking the whole piece to another level. Check out his album when you get the chance, it’s well worth a listen.

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