Kennen – City Lights

As I began listening to the Canadian musician Kennen’s latest single I slowly began to close my eyes and imagine myself in an arthouse coming of age movie produced by A24 with Stephen Chbosky as the director. His sound was made to soundtrack your adolescent years with the vibrant production and his dynamic vocal possessing this youthful vibrato that effortlessly represents youth, and it’s even more impressive when you find out he did it all with his laptop and mic in his bedroom.

City Lights is a chilled out pop song that is ladened with nostalgic melodies and beats that makes you begin to get flashbacks to your own youth, whether it day long road trips, nights out on the town or lazy summer days trying to fight off the boredom. Combine all that with a youthful atmosphere and a scintillating production and you’ve got a pop track that I’m going to be playing on repeat for some time to come.

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