Whu Else – Big Brain Man

I love it when I get to listen to an artist and be so mesmerised by how bizarre, unique and damn right compelling their music is. It’s something that rarely happens these days but damn the North American composer and vocalist Whu Else has absolutely smashed it with his debut album being some of the weirdest and most exciting music that I have heard in a long time but the one song that had me hooked was the title track Big Brain Man.

This sound is like a combination of hip hop beats, pop hooks and a pulsating indie rhythm that come all together to give his music a fresh tone unlike any other out there in the industry right now. The whole track is filled with these dynamic disjointed beats, slick melodies and a subtle animosity that grips me from start to finish. Dive into this track then go straight into that album, it’s brilliant in ever sense of the word.

Must Read