Rey D’Asian – Say Yes

If you’re looking for an artist that’s a good representation for the modern R&B pop genre whilst also having an unmistakable flair that elevates his music to a whole new level, then do we have an artist for you. Rey D’Asian exploded onto the scene around a year ago with his track Elevate / Escalate which pointed out the lack of Asian representation in western pop culture before following it up shortly after with White Friends. Now he’s unveiled his latest spiritual pop track Say Yes.

“Recently, quarantine and everything going on in the world, pushed me to rethink, reflect and process old crap attached to the stressful normal life,” Rey D’Asian begins to explain. “‘Say Yes’ is a high-frequency song that works as a reminder to myself, and hopefully to others, to pause, breathe and live in the present.

The whole piece is about exploring the undiscovered side of yourself, something I’m sure we’ve all experienced during quarantine. Rey D’Asian’s smooth vocal performance weaves in and out of the psychedelia influenced production of slick guitar riffs, lo-fi beats and a subtle bass melody. The highlight of the track has to be the lyrical prowess that he’s demonstrated throughout the piece, he’s already proven himself as a talented songwriter and this track has helped make that fact even more prominent with his poignantly poetic lyricisms. Dive into his music, it’s more than worth the trip.

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