Peach Tree Rascals – DEER

Peach Tree Rascals are one of the most interesting and underrated acts around right now with the quintet consistently switching up their sound with every release making each sonic experience a breath of fresh air from them. Their previous singles Not OK and Things Won’t Go My Way have already captured the hearts of music fanatics across the globe and it’s easy to see why with their seamless genre bending talents and authentic lyrics making each single feel all the more real.

“After producing the song I was looking around the room trying to find inspiration for a name that could fit the song,” Dom of the band explains. “I happened to look outside my window and saw a cute little doe walking by… this is 100% true. That’s where the name came from.

Today they’ve continued to impress with their latest single DEER, an easy breezy melodically laidback track that’s destined to be the soundtrack for many people’s quarantine summer vibes. There’s a subtle jubilance to the track that I’m falling head over heels for, mainly because most songs about happy moments go over the top with the delivery, making the moment feel less real as a result but here with the atmosphere they’ve crafted those moments feel too good to be true but maintain the raw emotions you experience. A light hearted single that will make you involuntarily bop your head whilst simultaneously giving you a sense of euphoria.

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