Khamari – Jealous

The debut track is always the most important track an artist can release, it introduces the world to your sound and gets people excited for what you’re going to come out with next and the Massachusetts based musician Khamari has absolutely hit it out of the park with his debut. His sound hits this unique balance that is like a combination of Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi, but what makes his music truly pop is the earnest nature of his songwriting as he demonstrates in Jealous.

“Jealous doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening in the world right now [referring to Coronavirus lockdown], but I can see how it feels relatable,” Khamari begins to explain. “To me it kind of gives that lonely stoner feeling you can get from listening to Kid Cudi. I just think it hits in the same way cause we all have those thoughts and get in that headspace sometimes.”

The candid lyrics of this piece invite you into the mind of Khamari with the opening lyric, “Find myself caught in a loop / Writing the same tune for so long,” setting the tone for the piece as his emotionally evocative vocals create an instant connection with them. The sparse production makes the piece feel incredibly intimate with the looping guitar melody leading the piece whilst being backed by soft synth beats creating a gorgeous atmosphere that makes it feel like you’re sat down at a party listening to him as his emotions come cascading out to you. An eloquent debut that makes Khamari one of those artists you’re gonna want to keep a close eye on.

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