Basement Brain – Popcorn Tire

Basement Brain is one of those hidden gems in the music world with her emotive songwriting, tender vocal delivery and intimate soundscape bringing you into her world to experience life through her lens. She has a way of storytelling that makes you feel as if you were there, every word adds more detail to the picture until the end where you’re left with a masterpiece being unveiled before your very eyes and the track we’re premiering today Popcorn Tire is a prime example of this.

There’s an air of Phoebe Bridgers early work to the sound with only a soft guitar melody leading the piece with the delicately placed mystical vocals adding a layer of beautiful intimacy to the single. However the highlight is the little details that come from the lyrics, she captures the little things that we miss in the moment but relive in our heads, the games of trivia, the late nights talking to each other and laughing til the earlier hours of the morning. You see the moments of love whilst also experiencing the distraught of the heartbreak that followed.


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