Jack Panther – This Dream

The Aukland born but now Wellington based queer pop artist Jack Panther recently unveiled his new deeply personal track. This Dream came about from a vivid dream Panther experienced about his partner where he married her and they lived a wonderful life together, unfortunately the pair soon separated after this as he explains below:

“It was the height of summer and we had only just met. We knew the only way we could continue was to do long distance. The night before we separated to go back to our normal lives, I had a dream that we were married. When the dream ended and I was still half asleep, I picked up my phone, wrote down a couple of keywords before I fell back asleep. It was a strange, mystical dream and I didn’t know how to tell him. Instead of telling him, I wrote this song in the morning sun of my porch.”

The melancholy indie pop tune manages to capture the hope this dream gave him that this love will last and that they’d get to experience their own happily-ever-after but also the heartbreak that comes from the reality of the situation. He dances this line so beautifully through his poignantly posed lyricisms creating a swirling shift of emotions that will have you experiencing the pain Panther is going through as his evocative vocal expresses his pain.

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