Harley Sulé – Something Good

There’s a high chance you’ve already heard the music of Harley Sulé be it from the hits he created as one half of the duo Rizzle Kicks or his soulful solo venture as Jimi Charles Moody. Today however he’s released music under his own name in the form of the somber, slow burning R&B single Something Good, which is quite perfect for the mood the whole world is in right now.

“I guess it’s my way of expressing my search for fulfillment after a wonderful, yet chaotic period during my late teens and early twenties” he explains. “It’s a strange point as half of me misses the erratic nature of being in the pop world, whereas the other half wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Something Good is my ode to that feeling.

The track is a utterly stunning introduction to his new sound with a palpable bass line that pulsates through your body, a slick guitar solo that adds another layer to the sonic production and honest relatable lyrics that take you on a story that will have you gripped like it was a cliffhanger in your favourite TV show. Then you’ve got the hook of the track, “Give me something good,” which is something you’ll find yourself quietly singing under your breath for weeks to come. A stellar debut that you should dive into below!

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