Dorian Electra – Sorry Bro (I Love You)

In terms of pop music I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that there isn’t a more exciting artist out there right now than Dorian Electra. They’ve got this unapologetic and brash experimental pop sound whilst mixing it in with this bubblegum bass sound and heavy metal energy that is hard to resist. Each track is hyper-contextualised with them all taking on certain socials issues and Sorry Bro (I Love You) continues to do that.

The tongue in cheek lyrics in this track are already a highlight, with my favourite one being, “That’s why I’m singing man cause I want you to know bro, no homo,” that is expertly delivered by Electra’s flamboyant vocal styling. The buoyant production has an irresistible melody to it that impossible not to bop along to with the bubblegum bass production being sheer brilliance, you can definitely tell it’s go Dylan Brady’s finger prints on it.

The track is a sheer bop and Dorian Electra has hit it out of the park once again, but are we really surprised at this point? They’ve never missed a trick and they’ll only continue to thrive with every release.

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