Brett Castro – Used To You / Eden

It’s been a while since I can last remember an artist releasing a double sided single but luckily the New York based musician Brett Castro is here to quench my thirst for them with the release of a/B: vol.1. Chances are you’ve already heard of Castro’s music as he’s already scored a lot of love from the blogosphere and been featured on countless Spotify playlists but his latest dual release is something else entirely with the two tracks being some of his best releases to date.

“I’ve been finishing up the project from my childhood home in Solon, Ohio, where I’m currently quarantined,” he explains. “It’s been an odd but inspirational feeling – a lot of the emotions in these songs have their roots here. Writing has always offered me clarity in times I’ve felt lost. I hope these tracks can offer a bit of the comfort and joy that they’ve brought to me.”  

Castro’s previous experience in an a cappella group becomes clear during Used To You with the rich vocal harmony arrangements and sparse production amplifying the sonic texture as well as the emotional resonance of the piece effortlessly. We then switch to Eden which is the complete opposite with a swirling synth ladened production with compelling melodies attached to them and Castro’s lusciously toned vocal elegantly swaying through the production to create a mesmerisingly melodic atmosphere. Two stellar pieces that are more than worth a listen.

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