Sunday, December 5, 2021

GARZI is one of the most unique and exciting artists around right now with him having a punk spirit to his music mixed with a trap production and hip hop flair to create this unique brooding energetic fusion. His music has already made waves in the industry and, as time goes on, more people have become engrossed in his sound with the raw emotional pain he puts into every song connecting with thousands of his fans.

Now he’s taken the next step in advancing his sound and making himself a creative powerhouse with his latest EP STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. The sound is completely different from debut EP nothing to something as explains, “this tape is in an entirely different world than my last one, but that’s what makes creating music fun. I hope people can stop trying to classify music and just enjoy it and use these songs to get them through any tough situation they may be going through.”

The project is a cacophony of emotion with the entire 11 minute long EP having multiple moments where intensity of the lyrics and passion of the vocals hit you with the magnitude of a freight train. Whether it be tracks like HOPELESS that dives into the darker regions of GARZI’s mind, the anthemic lead single SICK OF ME depicting a relationship near its end or the reflective closer of the EP SUMMER this whole project is GARZI putting his own stamp on the music scene.

We mentioned previously how we believe GARZI is going to be the voice of a new generation and this EP Solidifies that opinion.

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