Neon Dreams – Sick of Feeling Useless

Welcome to the island of misfit toys where today the Canadian duo Neon Dreams have produced an anthem for the people who don’t belong to the world and have no real place where they feel apart of something. Sick of Feeling Useless speaks to the inner child inside us all that just wants to be accepted into a community of people where they feel at home, they just want you to find your people and sometimes you’ve got to break out of your shell to find them.

“Before every session, we try to talk about how we’re feeling,” Vocalist Frank Kadillac explains. “At this point, before the song was made we were discussing with our good friend and collaborator Nathaniel Motte from the band 3OH3! about how it’s easy to feel helpless… like nothing we do matters that much. Then Nat said ‘ya know… I think everyone is just sick of feeling useless.’ It hit so hard with me cause I felt that way my whole life growing up I felt useless until I broke out of my shell… if my fans are different versions of me this is the biggest thing that connects us on this island of misfit toys. People that feel like they don’t matter in this world and constantly searching for a place to belong, a place that makes them feel like a kid again. This track is an Anthem for our fans to come together I hope it encourages them to take control of their future.”

One thing that I have to give them due credit for is the lyrics, there’s some raw pent up emotion in them that speaks to my younger self in away I hadn’t felt in a long time. This in turn gets backed up by the pop rock production with a set of heavy guitar melodies that turn this track into a stadium anthem for the ages. You can just see a crowd of people belting out that chorus without a care in the world and in the moment standing there knowing that in that moment they belong.

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