Freddie Long – Fade


We all have those moments where we feel isolated from the world and people around us. Sometimes it’s government enforced but the majority of times it’s through our own choice as Freddie Long explains in his latest single FADE that came about from him trading Saturday nights out partying to Saturday nights spent in the studio, experiencing his own form of social isolation as a result.

“FADE is about battling with personal anxiety, trying to forget and move on,” Freddie Long explains. “Understanding that problems will never fully fade away. It’s about learning to live and manage to eventually overcome them.”

It’s honest lyrically with Long not being afraid to express his emotions through the poignancy of his words and his passionate vocal display only adds to the weight of these lyrics. The throbbing drum beats are reminiscent of the Artic Monkeys but with the rest of the production offering a more pop orientated take on that sound with the gravely tone of Long’s vocals adding that extra bit of raw intensity to the sonic texture. Combine all that with some strong hooks and you’ve got a high flying emotionally inclined pop single that tells you there is a light at the end of the darkness.

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