Music offers a cathartic release for almost everyone, it has this amazing ability to make us close our eyes and simply melt away out of existence into a whole new world where nothing matters except for what you’re feeling in that moment. It’s one of the sweet releases that life has to offer and the Australian duo Imbibe are here to provide the perfect soundtrack for that moment with their utterly divine and meltingly perfect single titled Time Heals Every Wound.

Ultimately this song is about the beautiful contradictions of wanting to accept the reality of life’s hardships but knowing that there’s a light at the end of tunnel and sometimes you need to escape reality to fully understand that. There’s a classic pop sound to their music that’s reminiscent of the Beach Boys with their layer harmonies and when you mix that with their authentic lyrics, honest vocal performance and gorgeous production you’re left with a timeless piece of music that makes this band feel like something really special. Be sure to dive into their back catalogue of music today, you will not regret it.

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