One artist who’s been making some serious noise as of late in the industry has been the Miami based musician GARZI. Ever since his debut single Demonstrate came out he’s has a buzz around him and with every release he is showing us all why he’s been so talked about because he manages to tap into this raw emotional pain that makes anybody who listens feel it too. His music just hits you like the final blow in a prize winning fight and he demonstrates that with passion he displays in Sick Of Me that features Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker.

Speaking about having Barker on the track GARZI stated, “It was crazy to have Travis drumming on the song because Blink 182 has been one of my inspirations since childhood. We figured out a really dope sound. I have faith that the music is really sick.”

Blink 182 made music for kids who felt like they never fit in and GARZI is doing that for the next generation with his blend of punk grit, pop hooks and rap defiance creating an exciting new genre for the new era. The lyrics express this pain of a relationship nearing it’s end and GARZI’s own relationship with himself with the chorus being a stadium anthem in the making where you can just envision thousands of people singing along at the top of their lungs.

This is just the beginning for this artist and I have no doubt in my mind that GARZI will become the voice of a new generation of artists.

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