Apart of living is that consistent feeling of wanting more, we want to improve aspects of our lives for the better be it out love life, personality, appearance or career, we always want that something extra. However that feeling is something we often want to turn off because of the melancholy feelings that come along with it and when we turn on the TV they just disappear for a few brief moments as Amalie Bryde points out in her single Remote Control.

This track is all about taking back control, not using the TV as a way of distracting yourself and finding the joy in your current life, even if you do want that little bit more which Bryde croons about in the hook, “Searching for more.” I adore the production with the jazz influence being ever present with the smokey atmosphere and brass section being featured throughout but the highlight, as per usual, is Bryde’s vocal. Honestly her voice has this tone that is to die for, it sends shivers down my spine after every listen and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

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