It’s apart of human nature that we all want to achieve more, we always aim to go further than what people often deem possible. When we have a dream we aim for it, we achieve but after that we still want more, we always want more and will never stop on our journey through life. Just like the wolf needs to keep hunting to survive so must we and that is the subject matter behind Chiara Dubey’s magical new single The Hunt.

The track itself is utterly gorgeous with it having this air of Kate Bush about it with the mystical vocals offering an ethereal ambiance to the whole affair and it is that voice that drags you in and doesn’t let go. She manages to flip so effortlessly from sounding delicate to powerful which offers a compelling dynamic to the storytelling that comes through with her honestly penned lyrics. It’s something you could hear on the radio and instantly know who the artist is, she’s a one of a kind artist and with her lovingly quirky single only being the tip of iceberg of what she has to offer.

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