Chances are you’ve already heard of the electro-pop songstress CAPPA as she has been steadily releasing music ever since 2015 and even getting compared to the likes of Taylor Swift with pulsating brand of music. Now today she’s dropped a new single in collaboration with Yuppycult titled Change My Mind and, as expected, it is another glorious piece of buoyant pop music.

“Sometimes it feels like someone in the relationship is always trying to have the upper hand and I’ve definitely been guilty of being a passive-aggressive dater in the past,” CAPPA explains. “This song is a light-hearted look at the ‘on and off’ that can be a part of a new relationship.”

The thing that makes this track truly pop though is that addictive synth melody, it has a pulsating quality to it that just makes you want to groove along to the single and when you merge that with CAPPA’s breathy vocal hooks that find a way to always wriggle their way into your head then you’ve got the best of both world. Lyrics that can’t be beat, an insatiable groove and gorgeous vocals, what more could you want in a pop track?

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