Throughout life we often have people who we’ll consider friends but something never felt truly right about the friendship and that’s because in reality they’re actually just toxic people who thrive on dragging you down and making you feel terrible about yourself. These are the type of people you need to cut out of your life to help you get your confidence back up and that’s exactly what Jazz Mino’s latest tongue in cheek pop anthem Old Friends is all about.

The highlight of this track for me are the lyrics that have this sassy and confident edge to them and what makes it better is that Mino’s vocal embodies these lyrics effortlessly and if you listen closely you can almost hear her giving the finger to these old friends. It’s a modern day moving on anthem, that’s the best way of describing this track. It’s something that you’d belt out in your room when you move away from the people of your past whether it be leaving a job, moving a city, graduating school or even ending a relationship. Get listening to this right now, you won’t regret it.

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