Chances are if you’ve been following this blog for a while now then you’ll know how much of a fan of Marie Dahlstrom we are. With every track she delivers nothing but pure class with her luscious vocals gliding effortlessly over a jazz infused soul sound that just captivates from start to finish. She just has a way of mesmerising me with her sound and she’s continuing to do that today with her latest single titled Wandering.

“I wanted the song to feel like being lost,” Marie explained. “Something I feel like everyone goes through at some point in their life – and something I feel a lot of musicians can relate to when navigating their career as an artist.”

That feeling of being lost in the world is something most people can relate to, I honestly don’t think anyone knows exactly what they’re doing but Dahlstrom’s lyrics comfort you and make you believe you’ll find your way soon as long as you don’t give in. A jazzy chill hop styled production perfectly compliments her sultry vocal style and by the time the track ends you’re left wanting to hear more. She continues to shine and her upcoming debut album, Like Sand, looks like it’ll be something special.

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