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One of the most highly underrated pop artists around now has to be Canadian anthem producers Kiesza who’s music is just utterly infectious and is exactly the jubilant sound we all need right now. Her latest offering Crave, thats comes off of her EP of the same name, is utterly addicted with a fusion of the contagious 80’s synths and modern pop hooks to create something that is ridiculously hard not to smile to.

As per usual Kiesza shines with her stunning pop vocal soaring across the production demonstrating her incredible ability to do these lush vocal runs and powerful belts in the chorus that you’ll be attempting to do when singing this in your car. There’s a reliability to the lyrics as well that’s hard to ignore, we all yearn for the love of someone and want nothing more than for them to express their feelings back to us and when they do it is the best feeling on earth where everything begins to feel like a cheesy 80’s romance movie. This song captures that feeling of love effortlessly and once again Kiesza has hit it out of the ball park.

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