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Although it’s still quite early in Dylan’s music career she has already proven herself to be a pop icon in the making with her ability to craft addictive pop melodies out of her own personal experiences being something quite impressive to behold. She’s already begun turning heads with her music being tracklisted on BBC Radio One and we think she’ll continue doing that today with the release of her ferocious new single Your Issues.

I wrote Your Issues to regain some control over a not so ideal situation regarding a boy that blamed his ‘antics’ on me,” Dylan explains. “Nobody deserves to be blamed let alone cheated on, I hope it’s your new favourite hate love song!”

In this track Dylan has managed to take her own anger for a situation where her partner deflected all the blame for their own problems onto her and turned it into pure musical bliss. She speaks about real problems that affect real people and translates it easily into cathartic pieces of pop with somber synths, killer hooks and honest lyrics that come together to create addictive pieces of music that might even give Dua Lipa run for her money.

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