Photographer: Charles Carter

Right now in the world we need some colour in our life, we need some fun that comes with living and the unadulterated excitement that comes from being at a festival, which is why we’re over the moon to be sharing a song that’s been seven years in the making from the quirky songstress Ruby Duff. Just see Dancing Under Lights as your very own DIY festival starter kit to try out at your own home.

“I started writing this song at the age of 14 and took it to producer Bob Mathews to finish aged 23,” Ruby Duff explains. “I chose to come back to this song as it has such a collective of wordly textures, not often heard in current pop music. I see DUL as everything but being dull, as colourful as a Wes Anderson movie and as vibrant as a Bruce Springsteen performance. It’s a song that is most definitely meant to dance to under as many colourful lights as possible.”

I think she described this track perfectly with it feeling like it’s bursting with all the colour from a Wes Anderson movie combined with her quirky musical that is reminiscent of Kate Bush to create a vibrant explosion of pure joy. This song is a triumph that was made for playing out loud and dancing around barefoot through her beautifully dreamy and artistic soundscape without a real care in the world. Turn the world off for a few minutes and find some happiness in this single.

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