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Throughout life we will all experience dizzying lows, hard times that just seem like there will be no end of and aren’t sure how we’re going to get out of this never ending rutt, but it’s these lows that make the reals highs of life all that more enjoyable. Today that’s what the single Good Lies by Southern Ontario based duo Kadeema is all about and, as always with this duo, it is freaking incredible.

The track dance between the contrasting slower more introspective verses and truly anthemic high energy chorus, demonstrating how those lows can make those highs seem all the more sweeter. Lyrically this sees the duo question their own individual actions in the past, how they’ve handled their own issues in the past and hidden behind a mask to hide their problems from the world. Combine all that with the duos ability to create utterly compelling stadium anthems, triumphant riffs with blunt lyricism, hooks that we just cannot get enough of and you’ve got another home run from Kadeema.

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