A lot of the time we all seem to think less of ourselves and underestimate what we’re truly capable of, whether this is a mechanism to stop us from being disappointed with failure or something deeper it’s always there. Sometimes though we have someone who pushes you to try to achieve more and that’s what happened to the lead singer of Sorry Ghost who’s ex-girlfriend encouraged them to move away from their small town and achieve more that he could dream about and he looks to certainly be doing that.

The band’s latest single Nosedive is inspired by this event with the lyrics having this self-deprecating quality but also an uplifting message about breaking through these boundaries and although we’ll have horrible moments in life we’ll get through it in the end. This is the definition of a stadium anthem, I can just imagine a crowd of people singing the lyrics back to the band word for word as they perform on stage and right now I am hoping they manage to achieve that.

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