Some people in this world can just turn their mind off and live through their life without a real care in the world, but then other people have the gift, although some see it as a curse, of having a mind that just can’t be turned off. Something that makes them want to strive for and consistently about major issues that could later effect you, it’s a two sided sword that people often can never grasp and is the subject of Tsar B’s latest single Unpaintable.

“Unpaintable could be autobiographic but I actually wrote it for some of my closest ones,” Tsar B explains. “People that are too intelligent to just live a normal life. That don’t have a prescription how to live with their intellectual giftedness. They are uncatchable. They are unpaintable.”

Lyrically this track is pure poetry with every word hitting you with this wave of emotion that effortlessly paints a picture of the story she is telling to the point where you feel like you’re there. Her vocals have this enchanting ethereal quality to them that feel so majestic as they soar over the beautifully textured orchestra production that enhances the melancholy nature of this single even further than before. By the end of this single you’ll be reaching for the tissues.

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